The Bijou Story...

Bijou was born in the summer of 2012, a ONE SIZE FITS ALL collection, designed to offer comfort, versatility & unique bohemian style at an affordable price.

Bijou designer, Brooke, is a born shopaholic & fashionista, with a love of the ocean & over 10 year’s experience in the fashion industry. The idea of Bijou came about when Brooke was working in sales & found that customers were looking for versatile, easy to wear garments to brighten up a dull wardrobe, with a value for money price tag.

Bijou understands that as women, we all have different tastes when it comes to fashion & we all come in different shapes & sizes. That’s what makes us special & unique. The ‘one size fits all’ Bijou collection offers something for everyone, with a diverse range of colour combinations & ‘one of a kind’ prints available in soft pastels, simple basics & dazzling brights, to reflect each individual style. The versatile Bijou kimono can be worn over swimwear in the warmer months, as casual wear all year round or dressed up for a night out on the town.

‘I’ve always had a wardrobe full of assorted sizes & I know this is the case for most women. Unfortunately women’s clothing sizing isn’t consistent, but Bijou sizing is! Developing a ‘one size fits all’ collection makes the shopping experience easy & fun for all. The way clothing shopping should be!’ - Brooke

Unleash your inner gypsy & explore the world in Bijou ♥