J E W E L L E R Y  C A R E
If you’ve just purchased a beautiful new piece, we want it to last as long as possible in this new state so we’ve put together some tips to help you care for your Elyia jewellery. 
Where possible, avoid dust, moisture and direct light to ensure your jewellery does not tarnish and discolour over time.
Follow the golden rule ‘last on / first off. Put your jewellery on last in order to avoid spraying with hairspray or perfume; both of which can cause tarnish and discolour.
Don’t sleep, bath or swim in your jewellery. Chains may kink, earring posts may bend, and contact with water, especially chlorinated or salt water is especially damaging to silver.
Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and the body oils of the wearer. Discoloration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth. 
Rose Gold or Silver Plated jewellery should be treated with special care by following the above suggestions. Rose Gold or Silver Plated styles may fade or lose their shine if not treated properly. 
In general Elyia advises against the use of commercial silver 'dip' solutions because they are unsuitable for cleaning hollow, pearl or plated jewellery and can cause surface deterioration.